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Where Food Comes From, Inc. provides verification and certification solutions for the agriculture, livestock, and food industries in the United States. The company operates through verification and Certification, and Software Sales and Related Consulting segments. It conducts on-site and desk audits to verify that claims made about livestock, crops, and other food products are accurate, as well as offers Where Food Comes From Source Verified retail and restaurant labeling program, which connects consumers directly to the source of the food they purchase through product labeling, and web-based information sharing and education. The company also offers sustainability programs, compliance management, and farming information management solutions as software-as-a-service; maintenance, support, and software-related consulting services; and web hosting services, as well as sells hardware. It serves beef and pork packers, organic producers and processors, and specialty retail chains. The company was formerly known as Integrated Management Information, Inc. and changed its name to Where Food Comes From, Inc. in December 2012. Where Food Comes From, Inc. was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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