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TrueCar, Inc. engages in the operation of data-driven online platform which provides dealers and automakers with automobile information. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and currently employs 773 full-time employees. The firm has a data-driven online platform, which features market data and analytics. The Company-branded platform is available on its TrueCar Website and mobile applications. The company customizes and operates its platform on a co-branded basis for its affinity group marketing partners, including financial institutions, membership-based organizations, and employee buying programs for a range of enterprises. The firm enables users to obtain market-based pricing data on new and used cars, and to connect with its network of TrueCar Certified Dealers. Its network of over 13,000 TrueCar Certified Dealers consists primarily of new car franchises, as well as independent dealers selling used vehicles. Its subsidiary, ALG, Inc., provides forecasts and consulting services regarding determination of the residual value of an automobile at given future points in time.

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March 05, 2021

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