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Navios Maritime Acquisition Corp. engages in the marine transportation business. The firm owns a fleet of modern crude oil, refined petroleum product and chemical tankers providing marine transportation services around the world. The firm charters its vessels to international oil companies, refiners and vessel operators under long, medium and short-term charters. The firm's fleet includes approximately 38 double-hulled tanker vessels, aggregating approximately four million deadweight tons (dwt). The fleet includes approximately eight very large crude carrier (VLCC) tankers, which transport crude oil, and over eight Long Range 1 (LR1) product tankers; approximately 18 Medium Range 2 (MR2) product tankers, and over four chemical tankers, which transport refined petroleum products and bulk liquid chemicals. Its vessels include Nave Constellation, Nave Universe, Nave Polaris, Nave Cosmos, Nave Velocity, Nave Sextans, Nave Pyxis, Nave Luminosity, Nave Jupiter and Nave Pulsar.

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