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Nephros, Inc. is a medical device company, which engages in developing and selling liquid purification filters and an on-line mid dilution hemodiafiltration system. The company is headquartered in South Orange, New Jersey and currently employs 7 full-time employees. In medical device markets, its filters are generally classified as ultrafilters, and are used primarily by hospitals for the prevention of infection from water-borne pathogens, such as legionella and pseudomonas, and in dialysis centers for the removal of biological contaminants from water and bicarbonate concentrate. In commercial markets, the Company manufactures and sell filters that improve the taste and odor of water and reduce biofilm, bacteria, and scale build-up in downstream equipment. Marketed under both the Nephros and AETHER brands. The Company’s product lines are: Water Filtration Products and Specialty Renal Products (HDF System). The Company’s subsidiary, Specialty Renal Products, Inc. (SRP), is a development-stage medical device company focused primarily on developing hemodiafiltration (HDF) technology.

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December 31, 2020

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